1600GSM The Tank Duo Twisted Loop

Most Absorbent Microfiber Drying Towel

Car Drying Towel
The Tank 1600GSM Duo Twisted Loop

The Tank car drying towel is your best defense against lingering droplets and subsequent water spots. With its ultra-soft and super-absorbent twisted loop microfiber material, you can charge ahead and contain all liquid remnants with just one pass, without incurring scratches or swirls. Don’t battle against time, quickly and easily dry large vehicles with The Tank, your new go-to microfiber drying towel.

1600GSM Car Drying Towel

Features and Benefits

Maintain a Scratch-Free Finish

The high quality microfiber towel with plush 1600GSM is lint-free, streak-free, scratch-free, and swirl-free so you can get a safe and fast moisture-free ride.

Car Drying Towel The Tank Scratch-Free Finish

Dry Vehicles Quickly with Minimal Effort

The lightweight microfiber material makes maneuvering around cars and trucks easy, even when fully soaked. 

Car Drying Towel The Tank Dry Vehicles Quickly

Crafted and Constructed with Lasting Integrity

The meticulously designed, strong center stitching provides an edgeless boarder with immense durability for maximum reuse.

Car Drying Towel The Tank Center Seam No Scratching Edges

Car Drying Towel The Tank Quality Microfiber Material

Car Drying Towel The Tank Higher GSM Weight

Car Drying Towel The Tank Seamless Rolled Edge