Large Brush Curved Grip – Mixed Bristle and Ultra Soft

Extra Large Brush for Detailing

Large Brush with Curved Grip
Comfortable Detailing

Curved Grip Extra Large Brush lets you detail larger areas quickly and comfortably. For delicate areas that need a soft touch choose the Ultra-Soft bristle head. Switch to the strong yet soft Mixed Boar’s Hair bristles for deep cleaning, perfect for both interiors and exteriors. With the Extra Large Brush combo, easily swap the bristle head you need into the ergonomic handle and get detailing. With this versatile extra large brush, achieving detailed perfection has never been easier.

Curved Grip Extra Large Brush

Features and Benefits

Large Brush Curved Grip Mixed Bristle

Mixed Bristles for Expansive Detailing Options

The highlight of this tool is the Mixed Boar's Hair bristle head, which provides strong yet soft cleaning power. Perfect for interior detailing, this extra large brush ensures a deep and thorough clean on all plastic, rubber, upholstery, vinyl, and leather.

Large Brush Curved Grip ESS

Ultra Soft Bristles for Delicate Surfaces

For delicate areas requiring a gentle touch, the Ultra-Soft bristle head is the perfect choice. Its soft bristles ensure a tender and meticulous clean, ideal for intricate detailing tasks.

The Combo Has the Best of Both Bristles 

This innovative tool allows you to effortlessly switch between different bristle heads, catering to your specific needs. For elegant surfaces, opt for the Ultra-Soft bristle head. For thorough cleaning, simply swap in the strong yet soft Mixed Boar's Hair bristles.