Maxshine 16oz Bottle Holder


  1. Improve your storage solutions and keep your bottles of product organized with our bottle holder. Each bottle will have a designated spot.

  2. Prevent threatening spills and leaks by securing your lose bottles with the bottle holder. It will also protect them from being damaged in storage.

  3. High quality iron material is used to produce these holders. The finish on the holder will resist corrosive chemicals and last a long time.

  4. The bottle holders come assembled and include the corresponding bolts. Easily mount it on a stud or to a secure platform.

  5. The bottle holders were designed to hold 16oz bottles in an organized and neat fashion. It also adds a great look to your garage, shop or studio.




Size: Length: 465 mm

Width: 100 mm,

High: 120 + 50 mm

Slot size:φ70mm


Color: Black Grey + Red Rubber Ring

Useful:16OZ Bottle Only


Package Includes:

1*Spray Bottle and Compound Holder (Not included Bottle and Compound)



In a neat and organized fashion put your spray bottles and products on the wall. Declutter your workspace and improve efficiency. After using the product and properly storing you wont have spills and leaks in the future.