Maxshine 330GSM Adjustable Microfiber Detailing Apron


  1. Microfibre Detailing Apron protects your paint while you detail Protect your clothes and your car with the MaxShine Microfiber Detailing Apron.

  2. This large, comfortable microfiber apron keeps your clothing clean while you work, and the microfiber is soft against your vehicle.

  3. The MaxShine Detailing Apron is made of 380GSM thick plush microfiber with waterproof material on the back.

  4. Wash and reuse the Maxshine Detailing Apron countless times.

  5. The Maxshine Detailing Apron features three deep pockets for larger bottles. The pockets have reinforced stitching for strength.



The apron assists to keep clothes clean and tidy while detailing. It easily protects a vehicle's outerior paint from jeans, waist belt buckles, and more.

Around 10 inch wide deep pockets that are perfect for containing detailing tools, polishing pads, detailing clay, foam applicator or anything necessary while detailing.