Maxshine "Enjoy Car Wash" Bucket Kit

Key Features:

  1. Separates the dirt and debris from your wash mitt or pad !When washing your vehicle, you‘re picking up constant contamination from the miles traveled on your car! As the wash pad dunks back into the bucket, you’re removing the harmful contaminants with each pass over the Grit Guard!

  2. Keep dirt at the bottom of your car wash bucket !With a layer of protection, the dirt is trapped beneath the Grit guard, never to return back up in the clean water!

  3. The key to a scratch free car wash !We all need to use a detailing bucket when we wash our vehicle, so why not elevate your detailing experience with a Grit Guard to protect and a Gamma Seal to seal it during transit!

  4. Seal your bucket when not in use !We all have those buckets that sit in the corner of our garage and collect dust, dirt, and unwanted critters -- Seal them out with a Gamma Seal on your detailing bucket!

  5. Bucket - Easy Carry and Storage.Fold-down carrying handle makes it easy to move when filled, compact size with handle on the bottom side for easier pouring and is collapsible for easy storage and transport.Perfect for house, camper, apartment, condo, beach tote and keep in the trunk of your car.


MSB10 Maxshine Detailing Bucket Kit Includes :

1pc x MSB001:3.5 Gallon (13L)/12 x 10.5 x 23.15 inches Bucket with Lid

1pc x 24x17cm Car Microfiber Wash Mitt

1pc x Hair Length 200mm Wheel Cleaning Brush (Handle Length 160mm ,Length 360mm)

1pc x 25mm PP white hair Tire /Carpet Cleaning Brush(210x64mm)

1pc x 25x25cm Synthetic Wool Wash Pad

2pcs x40x40cm Ultra Towel 600gsm

2pcs x40x40cm Interior Towel 330gsm

2pcs x40x40cm Drying Towel 290gsm