[Not a Mitt] Detailing Wash Pad Sponge (9"x7")

Even though this looks and feels like a mitt it is [Not a Mitt]. 

It is a Wash Pad, Applicator Pad, Small Towel.... just..... Not a Mitt :)

Made with the same soft and plush microfiber material as the Motherfluffer Drying Towel, with an opening at the end for the removable foam core. 

As a Car Wash Pad, it is designed to be used with multiple in a bucket, so that you are always cleaning with a clean side. Add more foam core sheets to make a thicker and more absorbent wash sponge. 

The firmness and rigidity provided by the foam core makes it great for applying spray wax and sealants. 

Remove the foam core to make a super flexible mini towel that is great for drying wheels or other intricate parts. 

  • 1/pack
  • 7"x9"
  • 700gsm Plush Microfiber
  • Made in China