Q²M Restart Wash

Q²M Restart Wash coating decontamination soap is the perfect all in one car cleaner andwash shampoo and decontaminate to properly care for your ceramic coated vehicle. As coatings build up contaminant over time, the hydrophobic properties can slowly diminish. Q²M Restart Wash is a concentrated and slick shampoo designed to cleanse coated surfaces from contamination effortlessly.



Q²M Restart Wash is an all in one car cleaner product to keep with your car washing supplies - it will clean, decontaminate and restore initial properties of coated surfaces. It does not add hydrophobicity, but restores the initial properties of the coating.


Q²M Restart Wash has the ability to remove ferrous deposits thanks to an iron remover infusion. It might be used as foam or a traditional shampoo - make it a versatile maintenance solution for your coated vehicle.