Stubby Brush – Mixed Bristle and Boar’s Hair

Comfortable Grip Detailing Brush

Stubby Brush
Mixed Bristle and Boar's Hair

Detailing Stubby Brush is the unrivaled multi-purpose tool reigning supreme in the world of detailing. Available in two variations, these brushes redefine detailing comfort. The Boar’s Hair Brush boasts an exceptional balance between softness and stiffness, effortlessly handling tough detailing tasks while ensuring utmost care for your vehicle. The Mixed Bristle Brush is a must-have for comprehensive car cleaning for both interior and exterior details. With ergonomic grips to combat hand fatigue, these brushes are the ultimate companions for achieving professional-grade results, anytime and anywhere.

Detailing Stubby Brush

Features and Benefits

Stubby Brush Wide Handle

Extra Comfortable Wide Handle

The thick handle provides the perfect ergonomic grip for comfortable and hassle-free cleaning, eliminating finger fatigue and cramping. 

Stubby Brush Textured Handle

Textured Design for Secure Stubby Brush Handling

The metal-free design features an easily grippable rubber texture, ensuring comfort, preventing slipping, and improving wear resistance when held in hand.

Versatile Detailing with the Long and Dense Bristles  

The brush bristles have been densely packed trimmed long for enhanced cleaning ability. This extends the lifespan of the brush as well as help maintain its overall shape even after aggressive cleaning.

Stubby Brush Long and Dense Bristles